Kevin F., Oakmont IV Condominium Association

Oakmont Condominiums located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania consists of five associations; one of which is Oakmont IV Condominium Association.  This association includes 42 units in 7 buildings.  In 2009, the association requested proposals from eight roofing contractors which included the large sized well known contractors to the small size less known contractors.

The association decided on Albright Roofing Contractors not only because of his price and character references but Alfred Albright (owner of the company) took the time to meet with the Association Board and also attended a meeting with the unit owners of the Association.  He was polite, informative to the unit owners and answered all of our questions.

Albright Roofing Contractors provided written notices to the unit owners a week in advance of replacing the shingles.  In the notice it had Alfred’s telephone number so that the owners could call him directly with any concerns/questions.  After the first few days of Albright Roofing Contractors beginning the project and seeing Alfred and his crews work, I did not have any concerns and knew the association hired the right contractor.  His crews were professional, polite and hard working.  They started early and worked late.  Alfred worked late into the evening to secure the roofs from the elements (e.g. rain), preparing for tomorrow’s work, or performing work that took his personal attention such as the flashing around the chimneys.  Alfred and his crews worked each day, except when the weather was not conducive, until the project was completed.  It was comforting to know that the owner of the company was on the roof, performing the work with his crews and directing the work on a daily basis.  Each day they would police the work area.  This included picking-up old shingles, sweeping the area with magnets to collect fallen nails, and neatly storing their equipment at the trailer.

The real test, in my opinion, is Mother Nature.  The roofs were completed in late 2009.  Since the completion of the roofs, we have had downpours, 30+ mph sustained winds, and 24-inches of snow on the roofs with no known leaks.

The Board has and will continue to recommend Albright Roofing Contractors.