Record Precipitation

When I think of the Albright Roofing Contractors crew, one word comes to mind– dedication.

I saw on the news this morning that this year is currently in the #2 spot for precipitation with 58 inches. And we still have 45 days left in the year.

Yesterday, while most roofing companies gave their guys the day off, our guys were out shoveling the snow off the roof of one of our current projects in The Oaks in Palmyra.

You may be asking why they’d be doing this. It was so the snow would dissipate from the roof faster and they could get back to work on the project today. That’s what I would call dedication.

Most roofing companies are behind schedule this year due to all of the rain we’ve been having, it’s true. And while some of our customers have been patiently waiting for us to start their projects– the difference between us and other roofing companies is that we very rarely ever request a deposit. We won’t ask you to give us money up front, and then make you wait for months and months before even starting your job. And we’ll continue to muscle through whatever Mother Nature throws our way in order to get your job done.

We pride ourselves on our dedication, and workmanship. And we thank you for placing your confidence in us.

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